This Unger SmartColor 11 oz. microfiber string mop kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own mop and clean floors with ease. The mop heads combine the cleaning power of microfiber with the simplicity of a traditional string mop. Made of thin, densely packed synthetic fibers, each mop absorbs up to 7 times its weight to ensure effective liquid pick up, retention, and rinsing. The microfiber reduces bacteria growth by 96% compared to regular mops to keep your mop and floor surfaces sanitary. Each has 22 strands with looped ends for greater floor coverage, a streak-free finish, and faster drying. Plus, it features a scrub pad material on the headband to help remove stubborn scuffs and spots.

The included gray string mop holder grabs onto the headband of the mop so it's easy to change out different mop heads or simply rinse the mop head. Use the included green cone adapter to attach the mop holder to the 53" long mop handle. The lightweight aluminum handle lets you access hard-to-reach places and features a convenient three section assembly that easily snaps together.

The mops in this kit are a part of Unger's SmartColor system to reduce cross-contamination. The system suggests that items labeled as red are to be used in restrooms or other high bacteria areas, yellow in specialty areas, blue in general areas with low risk bacteria, and green in foodservice areas. This visual system will be easy for your entire workforce to understand and will help organize cleaning tools.

Kit Includes:
- (4) RoughMop 11 oz. microfiber string mop heads - blue, green, red, and yellow
- 53" long mop handle
- Gray string mop holder
- Green nylon cone adapter

Includes 4 mop heads, mop handle, mop holder, and cone adapter
Blue, green, red, and yellow colors comply with Unger's SmartColor system
Great for assigning different colors to different areas to reduce cross-contamination
Mops have 22 strands with looped ends
Microfiber prohibits bacteria growth by 96% compared to regular mops
Long mop handle helps cover a wide surface and clean hard-to-reach areas
Mop holder and cone adapter for easy assembly
Mop heads are machine washable

Unger SmartColor 11 oz Microfiber String Mop Head Kit

SKU: 905STM11KIT_1036