Ensure your patrons and employees are in an exceptionally clean environment with this blue Unger DD40B SmartColor dry/damp 13.0 mop pad, able to reduce bacteria up to 96%! Thanks to this pad's 13 mm looped pile microfiber, bacteria is limited, while Unger's SmartColor system helps to reduce cross-contamination thanks to its bright blue coloring that distinguishes it for general areas with low-risk bacteria. This 19 1/2" long mop is excellent for use in dry dusting or damp mopping applications, and can be washed and reused up to 300 times!

Reduces bacteria up to 96 %
Wash and reuse up to 400 times
SmartColor system reduces cross-contamination
Dry or damp use

Unger SmartColor Blue Dry / Damp 13.0 Mop Pad - 19 1/2"

SKU: 905DD40B_924