The Unger MW18A SmartFit WaterWand 18" standard floor squeegee is great for general use around your establishment. Its twin moss (natural foam) rubber blades easily remove water from kitchens, decks, and pool areas! The SmartFit connection ensures that the squeegee will securely attach to the end of your pole socket clamp or Acme insert.

Plus, for added convenience, a set of flexible red, yellow, blue, and green color-coding dots are included so that employees know where the squeegee is to be used. Unger's SmartColor system suggests that items labeled as red are to be used in restrooms or other high bacteria areas, yellow in specialty areas, blue in general areas with low risk bacteria, and green in foodservice areas.

Includes color coding dots
Twin foam rubber blades
Great for lighter jobs
Securely attaches to the end of your pole socket clamp or Acme insert
Easily removes water from kitchens, decks, and pool areas

Unger SmartFit WaterW& 18" St&ard Floor Squeegee w/ SmartColor System

SKU: 905MW18A_993

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